About Myself

I'm Brandon Szeto, a Software Engineer and Programmer

I am a computer science major and chinese minor heading into my junior year at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Originally, my family resides from mainland China and Taiwan, but I now call Pasadena, California home. Last summer, I worked with the play-based learning company SayKid as a product / game development intern. During my experience there, I created the world’s first ever screen-less voice-controlled basketball game from scratch, increasing the game variety by 7.5%. This summer, I am looking for an opportunity to further my learning in not only Software Engineering, but other roles as well. Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

  • Languages
  • Web Design
    HTML/CSS / Can handle both design and development of website.
  • Game Development
    Have primarily been on the design portion of Game Development, but am learning how to code my own games.
  • SayKid / May - Sep. 2023
    I created the world's first screen-less voice-controlled basketball game for kids, focusing on play-based learning. I designed the interaction model and programmed it using VoiceFlow, integrating APIs to fetch content from AirTables and Google Sheets. The game passed testing and is now on Alexa for further improvements. I also helped develop a football version, increasing game variety by 7.5%.
  • Coach Sherry Wuu / March 2024
    I was the sole website delveloper for Coach Sherry Wuu. Utilized HTML and graphic design skills to create, manage, and update the website for Sherry's personal busisness website. Interacted with Sherry on a regular basis, in order to satisfy her vision for her website.
  • Carleton College
    BA Computer Science / 2022 - 2026
    In pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with a Chinese minor. 3.6 GPA
  • Polytechnic High School
    High School Diploma / 2017 - 2021

My Interests

Web Design

I enjoy creating and designing websites for use using HTML/CSS!

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Game Design

I have always been critical of features that the game I'm playing is missing, leading me to want to share and implement those ideas into live games!

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Software Enginerring

I am fascinated by the process of building software solutions to solve real-world problems. From designing algorithms to writing efficient code, I find joy in every aspect of software development.

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Coach Sherry Wuu (Coming Soon)

This is Coach Sherry Wuu's personal website

Award Predictor (Coming Soon)

This program/website predicts the major award winners in the NBA, NFL, and MLB

Game Name (Coming Soon)

Once I make a game put the name of it above

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Contact Me

(626) 375-9378